Piaggio MP3: more than just three wheels

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$ 9,999.00

Its sporty character gets an additional boost with features such as the new front headlights with LED Daytime Running Lights and distinctive transmission cover. The high-performance engine, high-tech instrumentation and impressive dimensions all add up to a sporty bike that punches well above its weight in the category and is perfect for getting around town.

New engine, new performance

Three wheels, ABS and ASR

The Piaggio MP3 range adopt the ABS anti-locking braking system integrated with ASR traction control. The ASR can be easily disconnected and guarantees safety by keeping the rear wheel from slipping on dangerous surfaces like wet asphalt. The three channel ABS system, developed in collaboration with Continental, maximizes active safety preventing wheel blockage when braking and providing full control of the vehicle at all times.

Built for two!

The seat is now even comfier and the totally redesigned small back rest ensures that passengers also enjoy a thrilling yet safe ride. But wait, there’s more, in the shape of new ergonomically designed grip handles and practical fold away foot pegs. In short, the MP3 really is the ideal companion for those who enjoy sharing.

Perfect for long trips

The front articulated quadrilateral suspension system and the double front wheel are unique and distinctive elements that make riding the Piaggio MP3 an absolutely unique experience, with more cornering stability than any other scooter, and excellent road holding that can be felt at its finest on wet asphalt or in poor grip conditions.

Elegant and modern

The epitome of metropolitan elegance, this bike effortlessly combines its various elements. Its unique character is made even more evident by the pair of ultra-efficient LED daytime running lights.